Offer a Fabulous Time to Your Guests with Great Gatsby Party Entertainment

There are many people who are interested in the yester era dance and musical entertainments and if you are one among them than just check out for the 1920s entertainment offered by Swing Patrol. Swing Patrol is a dance community that is dedicated in popularising the 1920’s joyous jazzy music and the swing dancing style like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Solo Jazz and Blues. The Swing Dance patrol offers classes for all those who are interested to learn dances for this Swing music genre which offers you the real fun and entertainment on the dance floors. Anyone who has an interest in dancing can join the classes irrespective of their skill levels and can learn the basic Swing dancing style within a few classes to enjoy their dancing to the heart. The classes are conducted at different levels right from the beginners to those who have some experience in dancing to further hone their skills in Swing dance. The troupe not only offer dance classes and participate in swing dance festivals but also offer performances at various events, office parties and other celebrations to entertain the guests with the 1920s dancing style.

Great Gatsby Dancers
If you are looking for Great Gatsby party entertainment, Blitz or Gangster theme you can hire the Swing dance troupe who offer you the best entertainment packages to add a unique look to your party with the 1920s entertainment. If you choose their complete package for performance they shall come up with all the necessary arrangements to make your party a grand hit. The Swing Patrol helps you right from finding a suitable venue to choosing a theme for your party whether you want the Great Gatsby Party entertainment, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Vintage Hollywood, Prohibition Era to create a bespoke entertainment for your party. They help you with choosing the right bands, mc services, bar, and also offer you photo booths and hair and makeup to bring the ambiance of 1920’s to your dance floor. The Swing patrol shall offer incredible performances to the DJs vintage and party mix tunes that would entertain your guests to the core. They also offer one or two dance lessons for the guests so that they too can participate on the dance floor that is truly exciting and also a chance to win in the mini dance competitions. No doubt your guests would have a fabulous time with the 1920s entertainment and your party or event shall be remembered forever.